Shaping a better environment for people

We are award-winning international landscape architects, who design engaging regenerative places that respect country, create connection, promote wellbeing and enhance the lives of people.

Our work traverses continents, climates and cultures activating commercial, residential, educational and cultural precincts.

We design for people and believe that nature answers our needs for inclusive, welcoming, safe, playful, restful spaces to inhabit. We creatively and efficiently transform places to enhance social interaction, environmental management, cultural engagement and economic opportunities.

Our key re-activators are adapting natural systems, such as water courses and stormwater. Connections are forged between inside and outside, between infrastructure and landscape. Urban barriers are erased and green technologies integrate green roofs, facades and walls.

Nature is amplified for people with colour, scent, sound, touch, movement, vistas and climate.

Landscape solutions create a healthier and resilient future, making a positive difference to our planet.

Over the past 13 years, we have successfully designed and built over 335 public and private projects across all scales in Australasia and Africa. We are a multinational team with diverse backgrounds driving an interdisciplinary approach.

Our commitment to contextual analysis, respect for country and working with natural systems unlocks exciting place-making opportunities that optimise each site and create highly valued, beautiful, liveable cities for people.

Our People

The diverse qualifications, expertise, backgrounds and skills in our people from across the globe, coupled with our commitment to building better environments, allow us to unlock intelligent and often surprising opportunities for place-making.