Clarens Apartments

Cape Town, South Africa
Design and nature come together.

The outdoor spaces in a low rise apartment building in Cape Town connect seamlessly with modernist architecture to curate a harmonious living environment. 

The distinctive architectural forms of a new apartment building invite an imaginative landscape response to enhance residential city living.

When architects, landscape architects and inspired clients work together magic happens.

Inspired by the abstract geometric compositions of the constructivist Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy the welcoming garden and entrance interact with the modernist lines of the architecture. 

Client: KLûK CGDT
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Status: Built 2020
Size: 1000 sqm
Typology: Multi-residential

Bold circles, squares and diagonal elements intersect to create spaces of discovery. They create a strong connection between inside and outside. The geometric shapes in bright colours form seats, steps, planter boxes and mini swimming pools.

The minimalistic, architectonic order creates a sense of dynamic movement and the repeated forms create a visual harmony when viewed from above. The orientation of the elements in relation to each other is then shifted on different axes to respond to their different site conditions, so each outdoor space has scale and proportion. 

Colour, texture and movement. The crazy pavers resonate with the patterned brick facade of the building and are softened with planting to add texture and fun. The planting colour palette complements the building and interior colours. Ceramic pots with accent succulents on balconies add privacy screening. 

Horticultural excellence allows the spaces between buildings to create thriving, engaging landscapes in any climate – a new way of inner-city living.

Using local materials made specifically for the project, the architecture and landscape demonstrate that style lasts beyond fleeting fashions. Environmentally conscious, thoughtful design to improve people’s way of living.