Dharug Country, Australia
A Workplace in a Garden

M_Park brings a back garden to your workplace. Places of recreation, rest, activity and curiosity.

A new office development in Sydney consists of three commercial buildings surrounding a courtyard area. 

The building forecourts in Sydney dissolve into a green courtyard. Working in harmony with the buildings and each other, a sequence of distinctive green spaces embrace wellness, imagination and respect for country.

Client: Stockland
Location: Sydney, Australia
Status: Under construction 2022
Size: 3.3 ha
Partners/Consultants: Chrofi, 3XN, Northrop, Urbanite, Fleetwood Urban
Typology: Commercial, Public Domain

A large lawn area hosts informal games, performances and outdoor cinema. A scaled amphitheatre with wide stepped seating provides a place of entertainment and gathering.

The knowledge of the local Dharug people is embedded in the design – from food and medicinal plants in the Bush Tucker, Healing and Sensory Gardens, to inscribed storylines and audio elements.

Water is used as a functional and recreational element – a bubbling creek efficiently and beautifully manages stormwater distribution across the site. Stepped edges providing seating and wild play encourages kids to explore the creek, with mist and jets of water.

Diners eat whilst overlooking the park on the Cafe Terrace. An active edge with bar counters connects the buildings to the park and extends the outdoor space for eating. Three shaded gazebo structures host outdoor meeting pods with access to wifi and power-points for laptops.

Active lifestyles are encouraged with workout spaces, whilst public art installations ignite imagination.

Generous vertical green screens delineate different spaces, provide privacy and wind protection. They soften infrastructure so that buildings appear to ‘grow’ out of the landscape. There are continuous pedestrianised surfaces, whilst natural materials create connection across structures, furniture and playground.