Jacob Holman

Senior Designer

Jacob Holman is a passionate, inter-disciplinary professional. His approach to design is both creative and scientifically founded. Although formally educated as an architect, his interests lie in projects that are deeply rooted to the environment and local climatic conditions. Jacob strives to create places that weave landscape and the built environment into one.

He has worked in architectural studios in Europe, Australia and South Africa and his technical proficiency, leadership abilities and communication skills make him a great asset.

His interests are primarily in social architecture, integrated infrastructural design, urban scheme development, environmental restoration and intricate detailing. Jacob has a deep understanding of the built environment at regional, building and technical scales and a firm background in environmental, geographical and community design.

Jacob studied a Master of Architectural Studies at Politecnico Milano.

Cycling captures many core values – engaging with nature through the senses, using sustainable transport and keeping active!